Anita Menon, through a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, had the unique opportunity to learn the holy Pancharathra mudras used by priests in the Temples of South India. This dance choreographed by Anita, includes the traditional Bharatanatyam hand gestures as well as the sacred Pancharathra hand gestures. "Perumal" is a unique choreography which commences with a verse in praise of Lord Ganesha and is followed by the Thyagaraja Krithi "Bantu reethi kolu" in praise of Lord Rama. The presentation concludes with a Thillana by Maharaja Swathi Thirunaal in Dhanasri Ragam and Adi Talam. This presentation has been specially choreographed by Anita using these hand gestures making this the first ever presentation of the Pancharathra mudras here in America.

Beethoven's 5th symphony

Anita has choreographed traditional Bharatanatyam to Beethoven's 5th symphony.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Sample of RACC funded performance of "A midsummer night's dream".
1) Dialogue between Puck and fairy - Bharatanatyam hand gestures set to Shakespeare's dialogue
2) Oberon's entrance with Puck
3) Oberon & Titania fight (Bharatanatyam and Tap)
4) Titania & her fairies (Bharatanatyam and Ballet)

Red Riding Hood set to Bharatanatyam

The story of Red Riding Hood told using Bharatanatyam hand gestures and set to traditional Carnatic music.

Wizard of Oz

Here is a portion of Anita's choreography of the story of "Wizard of Oz" set to Bharatanatyam.