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"We really enjoyed ourselves. Wow! So much energy. What a feat! And what dancing feet they all had. I just loved the costumes, the movement, the use of the stage, the moving set, all very cool. "

"Thank you ever so much for always inspiring. My nieces and nephews were like "what is this?" I said to them, "this is like ballet folklorico" and they were like "oh, ok" it made them think. I thought that was very cool. And they liked it very much."

"I took my 10-yr old son and his best friend. My son was a little dubious at first when he saw all the girls dancing, but I can tell you that by the end he was grinning and bobbing around on his seat (as were we all)! Both boys told me they really liked the show. For me too it was a delight: having lived in London for eight years I was able to enjoy close contact with a lot of Indian culture (and food!), which I have missed here. "

"I had the pleasure of attending the Northwest Children’s Theater production of The Jungle Book. It was adapted, directed and choreographed by our own Anita Menon. It was the classic Jungle Book story told through Indian dancing. What a fun experience! Anita’s son, Avish, played Mogli and did a superb job. He was perfect for the part. Her daughter also had a substantial role as Rann (the kite) and many of you saw her dance at last year’s Grants Celebration. The audience was captivated and the production was lively, colorful, energetic, had great dancing and costumes. Even the animals (bear, wolves, tiger, monkeys, peacocks, snake) were in Indian style costumes and not “animal” suits – it required the audience to use their imagination! It was a delightful production and I’d encourage you to go if you have a chance.

"It was remarkable and beautiful and fun. Very imagination-prompting, and full of dance. I couldn't believe all the actors could memorize so much choreography. Impressive, fun and well-received by young and old in audience. Great work, Anita and Co."

"Just wanted to tell you my daughter and I loved the show on Saturday. Fantastic job incorporating the different Indian dance styles and music into The Jungle Book. The actor/dances did a wonderful job using movement to portray the type of animal they were. The whole thing was wonderfully well done. I will strongly recommend it to anyone."

"I love the the dance styles of India both classical and folk dance, as well as traditional Indian music, and I was delighted to experience NW Children's Theater's world premiere adaptation of "The Jungle Book" this afternoon, featuring a large multigenerational cast of actors and dancers. What great storytelling and fabulous dancing! There was Bharatanatyam and Bhangra as well as a folk dance form in which the dancers tap sticks together. The grand finale of the show even features a huge Bollywood dance number. I enjoyed Kate Mura's striking stage presence and elegant body language as the wolf Akeela and Avish Menon's irrepressible enthusiasm and energy as Mowgli, the human child at the center of the story. Alisha Menon's interpretation of Rann is gorgeous and mesmerizing. Beware the Tiger played by Kevin-Michael Moore for he is believably dangerous. It is a very loud and high energy show and beautiful to behold. Kudos also to Kristeen Willis Crosser for such a great job lighting the show and to Rodolfo Ortega on a fabulous sound design.”

"It was amazing. I loved the animal dances, so creative. The costume and sets were beautiful, the music engaging. Very enjoyable. Huge accomplishment Anita, congratulations."

"Everyone enjoyed the show very much, including a 5th grade friend we added at the last minute. She is now considering a career in acting."

"The Jungle Book was marvelous! The dancers were wonderful. I loved the set and the costumes and the inventive use of the rolling structural elements. The adult actors/dancers were great - especially Baloo and Shere Khan and Bagheera. Avish Menon was terrific (so young!!) too. All in all, it was a very special Valentine’s Day treat. I cannot imagine getting that many young people to learn so many complex pieces of choreography. They all did a wonderful job!! Loved the various styles of dance and of music."