I love working with Anita because of her artistic depth, her professionalism, her management skills, and her reliability. Plus, she works with a grace and calmness that is contagious. But equally, or even more important, is her underlying drive to keep enriching the lives of her family, town and region -- a drive that seems to come from sincere passion. I feel very fortunate to have worked with her, and I know she will stay involved with the cultural life of Washington County and all of Oregon. She is a teacher and artist who walks (or dances) her talk every day. - Georgia Harker, Vice Chair, CCWC

The seemingly improbable combination of bharanatayam, ballet & Beethoven to interpret Shakespeare worked amazingly well. A unique, creative piece by Anita Menon — there was bhangra, dandia, hip-hop, tap and also the theme from “Pink Panther” to boot. A different cultural experience for many Portland friends. - Ketan Sampat, Founder, Cafegive

“I know Anita Menon through her work volunteering on the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council and also as a vibrant member of Hillsboro, Oregon’s cultural arts community. She is a dedicated and passionate artist, who is not only committed to celebrating her own Indian cultural history, but also to genuine outreach to new audiences. This year she approached me and asked for ways that I could help her broaden the community impact of her dance festival, Mithranjali 2014. When I heard what she was hoping to showcase, I offered to host her event in my facility. I knew that Anita would welcome a diverse audience and expose them to high caliber dancers. It is a wonderful partnership and a testament to Anita’s commitment the growth of arts in this region.” Cristina Caravaca, Cultural Arts Manager

Anita is truly a creative genius with a deep passion for keeping her art form interesting and engaging for modern audiences. Her ability to fuse different styles that she is not trained in herself is something I have never seen in another artistic director. She really has a great sense of what is beautiful and entertaining to the audience. - Monica Enand, Founder at Zapproved.

Anita has always exhibited a warm professional manner, especially in the midst of high pressure often associated with performance of this type. She has always great calm amidst the 'storm' associated with families expectations, performance venue staff demands, dancers and musicians all pulling her attention every which way--she always shines. I highly recommend Anita for her artistry, business sense and personal demeanor. She is top notch. - Dan Hays, Theatre Coordinator at Portland Community College

This was the most creative production I have ever seen and I’ve been going to the Shakespeare festival in Ashland for years. Midsummer Nights’s Dream’s Puck did a great job of reciting Shakespeare with Bharatanatyam gestures. Congratulations to all of you and Anita Menon - Lakshmi Jagannathan, Board Member of TiE Oregon